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Special Malvani Masala


GW Khamkar Special Malvani Masala, Spices, Taste of 87 years’ Experience, 28 handpicked ingredients, Coastal Age-Old Recipe, Zip Lock & Re-usable Pack, 250grams, Pack of 1.


Features and benefits

Absolute Purity | No artificial colors | No artificial flavor. 28 ingredients in Special Malvani Masala, Flavor Lock Packaging & Reusable Pack.

Low Temperature grinding so that the spices retain their freshness and Aroma. Bring home the flavor of this malvani masala that makes it possible for everyone to prepare tasty malvani cuisine.

If you make any dish you don’t need to use Garam Masala, Coriander Powder, Haldi/Turmeric Powder, Chilli Powder just add Special Malvani Masala.

Spice mixes have been blend to perfection based on old age recipes. Perfectly blended to impart the best taste to your home, Blend gives a fiery and peppy taste to your dish, it is used to make all veg & non-veg dishes.

Ziploc packaging that can be reused again and again, Pack of 1: Special Malvani Masala | Shelf Life: 365 Days.


Remedies to keep spices longer:

What to do to make spices last longer…

  • Spices should be kept in a glass or porcelain container.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Always keep spices in a dry place.
  • Spices should not be kept in places where there is water.
  • Always keep the lid of the spice jar tight.
  • Do not touch the spice with wet hands.
  • Fill the jar with spices and keep the lid tight.
  • To keep the spices longer, put black asafetida in three parts. (Upper part of the spice, The middle part, lower part).
  • Always remove the spices used separately and keep their spoons separately.
  • Even if the spices are kept in the fridge, their shelf life increases.


What’s in it :

Byadgi chilli, kashmiri chilli, teja chilli, black pepper,poppy seed, coriander, large fennel, cumin seed, turmeric, cloves, cinnamom, large cardamom, mace, maypatri, caraway seed, kunkool, asafotoida, nutmeg, piper cubeba, star aniseed, bay leaf, green caradamom, fenugreek seed, mustard seed, dry ginger, salt, oil.

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