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Entice your cuisine with GW Khamkar's KHAMKAR A1 MASALA

Our very own specially made by our expertise, prolonged ethics and understanding the taste of 87 years of experience is our Special Khamkar A1 Masala. We authentically source A1 Masala with a traditional and modernised touch to our customer favourite masala, with a blend of three renowned chillies named Bedgi, Kashmiri & Teja. We ensure to provide the most delicate traditional and aromatic spices to our customers. All our spices are made without using any added preservatives or additional colour. While the preparation of masalas, the hygiene of the entire storeroom, is also maintained regularly by our operators to ensure our customers’ safety.
Let us tell you more about this spicy chemistry of A1 masala.

What is GW Khamkar A1 Masala?

GW Khamkar A1 Masala is a spicy blend of a wide range of authentic spices and an audience favourite among the Maharashtrian and different Indian Cuisines. Let us tell you more about this spicy A1 masala. Our traditional Khamkar A1 spice mix adds heavenly flavour & taste to the recipes. One such divine spice blend provides a mesmerising and delicious golden brown colour to all the recipes it is added to. The one of a kind GW Khamkar A1 Masala has numerous authentic ingredients, which are as follows:

Byadgi Chilli (बेडगी मिरची),Kashmiri Chilli (काश्मिरी मिरची),Cayenne Pepper (तेजा मिरची),Black Pepper (काळीमिरी) Poppy Seeds (खसखस) Triphala (त्रिफळा) Fennel Seeds (बडीशेप) Cumin Seeds (जिरे) Turmeric (हळकुंड) Clove (लवंग) Cinnamon (दालचिनी) Cardamom (वेलची) Mace (जायपत्री) Maypatri (मायपत्री) Black Cumin (शहाजिरे) Kankul (कंकूळ) Asafoetida (हिंग) Carom (ओवा) Nutmeg (जायफळ) Nagkeshar (नागकेशर) Star Anise (चक्रीफूल) Bay Leaf (तमालपत्र) Green Cardomom (हिरवी वेलची) Fenugreek (मेथी) Mustard Seeds (मोहरी) Ginger (सुंठ) Salt (मीठ) Oil (तेल)

Kitchen Uses of GW Khamkar A1 Masala

GW Khamkar A1 Masala can be sprinkled upon (as per requirement) while preparing recipes, be it vegetarian/non-vegetarian. Once added, you don't need anything else to add to the recipe: Salt, Turmeric, Black Pepper, etc. GW Khamkar A1 Masala is widely used in vegetable & paneer recipes. It can also be added to other cuisines such as North Indian & South Indian curries. In Maharashtrian curries, once the base ingredients are added & sauteed in oil/butter, red chilli powder & GW Khamkar A1 Masala are added to the curries. Our masala provides an enticing & delicious aroma to the curries.

How to store GW Khamkar A1 Masala?

Once you open up the packet & empty the masala from the package in an airtight container for more extended usefulness. Always make sure to close the container tight & properly once used. Each time you try to use the masala, always use a dry spoon to take out the packet or container’s masala. Keep the container high or away from the children in the house.

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