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Special Malvani Masala

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GW Khamkar Special Malvani Masala, Spices, Taste of 87 years’ Experience, 28 handpicked ingredients, Coastal Age-Old Recipe, Zip Lock & Re-usable Pack, 250grams, Pack of 1.

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G W KHAMKAR SPICES outlet is situated in the heart of Mumbai at Lalbaug, a place that is known for its traditional flavors and festivals. With a rich history and expertise in spice making for many decades, the brand offers authentic and premium quality spices that are immensely rich in flavor and aroma. With no compromise on quality, every product by G W KHAMKAR SPICES is specially manufactured with a lot of care and hygiene. The brand also manufactures some special variety of spices right at the Lalbaug outlet in its factory.

One of our hot-selling masala powders from the Malvan region of the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra is used mainly in Maharashtrian & Goan cuisine. 28 ingredients in Special Malvani Masala, Spices mixes have been blend to perfection based on old age recipes. Reddish in color, the spicy masala gives a fiery hue & peppy taste to dishes it is added to. Malvani Masala is used commonly in coastal cuisine, along the Konkan, Goan & Maharashtrian belt. Although used mainly for non-vegetarian recipes, it also works well with certain vegetable dishes like Veg Kolhapuri also can be added to curries & other vegetable dishes. While the preparation of masalas, the hygiene of the entire storeroom, is also maintained regularly by our operators to ensure the safety of our customers. All our spices are made without using any added preservatives or additional color. Made using quality grade spice ingredients for authentic taste and aroma.

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Color blue, red, yellow, green
Material wood, plastic, stainless steel
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